Gabion Seat & Outdoor Furniture

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gabion, gabion seating, gabion cage, gabion basket, architectural gabionGabion Seat Made in Australia

Created with intention custom gabions support hand crafted Australian timber making this outdoor gabion seat truly unique, ringing true to concept with stability and grandiose.

Urban Kubez emphasises the pinnacle for gabion cage design with only the highest quality materials being incorporated into unique outdoor products that capture the imagination.

With architects and landscape designers seeking modern and robust streetscape products, incorporating gabion seating products makes perfect sense.

In addition gabion seating ties in well with other gabion features such as retaining walls, towers, pillars and free standing fences for both domestic and commercial landscapes.

Urban Kubez gabions work in all landscape designs whether it’s rustic, vintage, tropical or desert style.

Gabion Seat Timber Selection

Timber selection can be sourced to meet every budget, from sleepers, quality structural pine through to Australian hardwoods from sustainable and ethical forestry and mills.

Timber can be mounted across the top of the gabions or alternatively our unique design feature is incorporating the timber internally to the gabion cage delivering a smooth and seamless flow from industrial and raw to classic and modern.

This style of floating timber seat is well balanced, even with length over 2 metres.

Upon request concrete seat tops can be produced for specific landscape designs.

Urban Kubez Gabions can be specifically designed for applications such as private residential commissions, commercial developments, parks and public space, streetscapes, pub/club/hotels, resorts and other high foot traffic areas.

Given each project is different we offer further flexibility to customise material type, size, delivery direct to site and installation services.

Gabion Seat Specifications

Made in Australia

Gabions Of Various configurations – length – height – depth

Timber – Australian timber, hand crafted with custom copper spacers

Concrete – As per project requirements

Gabion Fill – Stone, Glass, Greenery,

Price – POA

Please contact us directly ([email protected]) for pricing on Urban Kubez Gabion Seats as costs vary depending on specifications of timber type, length, delivery location etc.


gabion, gabion seating, gabion cage, gabion basket, architectural gabion

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gabion, gabion cage, gabion seat, gabion glass, gabion basket


gabion, gabion cage, gabion basket, gabion seat, gabion rock, gabion mesh


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gabion seat, gabion cages, urban kubez, gabion wall, gabion letterbox,
Gabion Seat & Outdoor Furniture