Polywoven Silt Bag 50 Pack


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Polywoven Silt Bag 50 Pack

Silt Bag Overview

Available in 80cm x 26cm

Complies with local, state and federal government authorities for erosion and sediment control on construction sites.

Prefilled and ready to position around perimeters and storm water inlets or across open drains slowing water velocity whilst retaining suspended sediment.

Protect natural waterways by minimising silt or sediment flowing into local storm water catchments.

High quality geotextile mesh, UV stabilised for up to 5 years life cycle.

  • Robust woven material
  • Reusable
  • Ideal for protecting culverts, drain outflows and storm water run off gullies
  • Made from a high strength UV stabilised polyester, silt socks can be filled with a range of mediums including wood chip.


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