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Low Cost, Innovative Greenwalls

Elmich Greenwalls (VersiWall®) offers architects, developers and landscapers a cost-effective solution to turn monotonous walls into aesthetically pleasing living greenwalls.

VersiWall® is an easy-to-install modular vertical garden system that can be easily mounted to weld mesh panel. The panels offered by Defined Style are Australian made with an exclusive anti-corrosion coating that prolongs the life of the steel mesh 4 times over traditional galvanised panels.

The specially designed planter tray simply hooks directly onto mesh panels with anti-lift arms preventing the planter tray from being inadvertently dislodged in poor weather.

Each planter tray has a water reservoir with a cover designed for the provision of a capillary wick to re-use stored water and facilitate sustained plant growth.

Elmich Greenwall

The planter trays can be individually replaced or removed for plant or wall maintenance.

Elmich planter trays are manufactured from UV-stabilised recycled polypropylene and meets the requirements for international “Green Building” certification.

Australian Made Weld Mesh Panel & Wall Bracket

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* Life Time Warranty On Mounting System* “Mesh & Bracket”

Elmich mesh bracket is engineered to facilitate use of fewer anchor points compared to conventional greenwall fastening systems.

Elmich mesh bracket provides a constant 30mm gap between the mesh and wall for ventilation and allows services like irrigation lines to be conveniently secured at the back of the mesh away from view.

Similar to the Elmich planter tray, this purpose designed mesh bracket has integrated flexible Anti-Lift Arms to prevent the mesh panel from inadvertent dislodgement.

Ensuring strength and longevity the mesh bracket is manufactured from high grade 304 stainless steel.

Elmich Greenwall

Please call or email us (07 5453 4883 or email [email protected]) to discuss your greenwall / vertical garden project as we offer the Elmich VersiWall® greenwalls in various configurations such as:

* Greenwall Planter Trays Only

* Greenwall Planter Trays and Brackets

* Full-Kit Greenwall Planter Trays, Brackets and Mesh Panels in standard or custom sizes to suit wall dimensions.


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Elmich Greenwall
Greenwall & Vertical Gardens By Elmich