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Gabion Retaining Wall, Gabion Cladding, Decorative Features and more. Gabions are universal for all types of landscape projects and functional features.

Gabion retaining wall projects have become very popular with architects, urban landscape designers, builders and D.I.Y’ers for their robust structure and aesthetic appeal.



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Gabion Retaining Wall, Size and Pricing Matrix

Introducing the most comprehensive on-line gabion retaining wall size and pricing configurator with over 100 gabion size variations and configurations to suit any retaining wall project.

The easy to navigate gabion configurator allows you to choose preferred gabion weld mesh aperture, gabion length, gabion height and gabion depth.

Gabions can be used for a multitude of tasks in building, construction, landscaping and outdoor features.

Our gabions are Australian made and conform to the highest quality and standards no matter what the size project.

The URBAN KUBEZ Gabion Advantage

A gabion structure is commonly known as a gravity wall meaning the internal weight of the structure is forced back down into the earth giving incredible retaining advantages.

Effectively a gabion retaining wall utilises its own weight to resist lateral earth pressures.

Weld mesh gabions such us Urban Kubez maintain form, stability and strength when installed individually or linked together.

Gabion Components & Accessories

To assist with your project each and every gabion we sell has a pre-determined quantity of internal bracing wire supplied as part of the kit. The braces are 4mm with galfan coating, pre-formed hooks which assist the build quality and overall safety by supporting the facing panels of the gabion ensuring they remain straight and free from bulging.

URBAN KUBEZ Gabion retaining wall systems will not experience shifting, cracking, splitting or any major deformation and require no on going maintenance.

As part of our service we supply upto 30-50%  more braces than our competitors at no extra charge.

In addition each gabion kit comes complete with heavy duty spiral wire to link the panels together. The spirals are simple, efficient and extremely strong way to form up gabions.

Gabion Drainage

Another key advantage with gabion walls is their “free flow” drainage ability. By allowing water to flow through the gabion and internal rock material, gabion retaining walls will not experience hydro-static pressures (water build up behind the structure) which is common in other retaining systems.

Gabion Ideas

  • Retaining Walls with Capabilities to exceed 5m height
  • Free Standing Wall | Feature Wall
  • Fences
  • Noise Barrier
  • Path | Driveway Borders
  • Garden Edging
  • Seating
  • Plant Stands
  • Planter Boxes
  • Pylon | Piers | Post Wraps
  • Letterboxes
  • Feature Towers

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Urban Kubez Architectural Gabion DATA SHEET

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Gabion Retaining Wall Installation Tips

  • Prepare level and solid ground, for best results compact road base is recommended to ensure the foundations are solid and the gabionsits flat. This step will also assist project aesthetics with accurate and straight panels.
  • For gabionretaining wall situations utilise geo-fabric behind the gabion to ensure soil does not wash through the wall. Drainage gravel behind the wall is also a great option particularly for large walls 1m and above.
  •  Assemble gabions and link end to end. One end panel can be made redundant if desired without affecting the integrity of the structure.
  • Place bracing wires internally and close the hook end using pliers. Braces keep the panels tight and straight otherwise the panels will bulge outward when filling with stone.
  • Hand packing stone into thetightly will ensure the gabion is solid, safe and aesthetically impressive. Use angular type stone such as granite or basalt
  • Fill the gabions gradually and progress to include the next gabion rather than completing each one individually.
  • Retaining walls over 1m in height may require local council approval and potentially engineering certificate.



Additional information

Dimensions N/A
Gabion Aperture

50mm x 100mm

Gabion Length

500, 1000, 2000

Gabion Height

300, 500, 1000

Gabion Depth

300, 500, 1000


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Gabion Retaining Wall | Gabion Size and Pricing Matrix | Gabion Supplies
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