Gabion 2m x .3m x .3m (LxWxH)


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Gabion Cage, Gabion Basket, Gabion Retaining Wall, Gabion Rock,
Gabion 2m x .3m x .3m (LxWxH)

Century Gabion Cage

Dimensions – 2m x .3m x .3m

Our Gabions are Guaranteed To Last!  Highest Quality & Engineer Approved For Large Projects.

L x W x H

  • Our Gabions Have Extra Internal Bracing Wires Included, Best Choice For An Architectural Finish.

    Key Features

    • Industry Leading Wire Tensile Strength (600+Mpa)
    • Bezinal 2000 Coating (Genuine Licensed Bezinal 2000 Coated Wire)
    • International & Australian Standards Compliant (ASTM974-97)
    • Suitable For Architectural & Civil Projects
    • Material / Coating Data Sheets Available Upon Request
    • ISO 9001/2008 Quality Manufacturing
    • Local Stock Holdings For Time Critical Projects

    Gabion Kit Includes :

    • 4 panels 1000×500
    • 2 x panels 500×500
    • 4 x 1 metre spiral wire (4mm bezinal coating)
    • 8x 500mm spiral wire (4mm bezinal coating)
    • 5 x internal braces (Pre formed hook, 4mm bezinal coating)

    Century Gabion Applications

    • Architectural Landscape Designs & Features
    • Free Standing Walls & Fences
    • Retaining Wall Structures
    • Erosion Control
    • Civil Works

    Century Gabion Specification Overview

    Superior Corrosion Resistance

    Bezinal® coated wires resist corrosion 2 to 6 times longer in heavily polluting corrosion tests than hot-dip galvanized wires and last up to 8 times longer in heavily polluted areas**. This is thanks to the formation of the dense and high quality passivation layer that is mainly formed by aluminum oxides.

    ** Based on salt spray tests and Kesternich tests

    Cathodic Protection

    Zinc-alloy coatings also offer cathodic protection of uncoated areas of the steel (e.g. cut-ends or scratches). The active coating generates an electrical current which reverses (counteracts) corrosive attack of the steel.

    Heat Resistance

    Regular hot-dip galvanized (HDG) wires tend to experience alloy layer growth when exposed to higher temperatures. This alloy layer is the interface between the metallic coating and the steel wire. It generally contains the elements of the top coating combined with iron from the wire core. However, coatings of the Bezinal® range are immune to this phenomenon due to an inhibiting action of aluminum.

    Tried and Tested

    To ensure the good quality and performance of our products, Bekaert constantly performs various standardized tests for product development or on the specific request of our customer. Bekaert performs corrosion tests from their own ISO 9001 certified laboratories and has them confirmed by various independent research facilities across the globe.

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Additional information

Aperture (mesh opening)

100 x 50mm (rectangle), 75 x 75mm (square)


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