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Gabion Basket Wall and Garden Edging

Now available in 4mm weld mesh with market leading galfan technology exceeding international standards.

Our wire mesh coating consists of 95% Zinc and 5% Aluminum with heavy duty 280g/m2 for extended strength and life span in the harshest conditions.

Incredible corrosion resistance, triple protection over galvanise gabions.

Highest quality, biggest range, best prices

The gabion “slim” stands 30cm high making it well suited as a gabion basket wall around the home such as gardens, pathways and low set retaining walls.

The narrow model is not intrusive with smaller yard areas as the width is just 20cm across, so it really just blends in and becomes a subtle garden feature.

Choosing natural earthy coloured stone for your gabion basket wall will suit any garden theme you can think of, particularly Bali style.

By lacing gabion baskets together you effectively create a single robust structure which provides strength and stability, one of the key features gabion baskets walls are used in commercial applications.

Common uses for the slim gabion basket model include low profile retaining wall, tree edging, seating, vegetable garden border, slowing down water run off, stand them on end and create a garden feature.

Urban Kubez Architectural gabions are the ultra modern rock wall to last a lifetime. Wait till your friends see the finished results.

Gabion Basket |Features

  • received in flat packed kits for ease of handling
  • basic assembly
  • DIY installation
  • low cost & effective
  • modular concept
  • architecture design
  • longer lasting over alternative product
  • damage and graffiti proof
  • erosion and flood control

Gabion Dimensions

1m x .3m x .2m (l x h x w)

Gabion Weld Mesh Panel Aperture

Weld mesh 100mm x 50mm aperture (rectangle opening) suits the commercial and domestic gabion basket market perfectly as this allows for broad choices when selecting decorative stone from 80mm and above.

Gabion  Basket Specifications

  • quality 4mm welded mesh
  • heavily coated galfan for extended life (280 g/m2), upto 100 years
  • Additional internal bracing wire for perfect presentation
  • Extreme strength and stability
  • Quality comply with international standards for commercial and civil works
Gabion Basket Inclusions

Full gabion kit including:

  • 6 x 4mm weld mesh panels
  • 12 x 4mm spiral wires
  • internal support braces for perfect aesthetics

 Gabion Basket Installation Tips

  • Prepare level and solid ground, for best results compact road base is recommended to ensure the foundations are solid and the gabion basket sits flat. This step will also assist project aesthetics with accurate and straight panels.
  • For retaining wall situations utilise geo-fabric behind the gabion to ensure soil does not wash through the wall. Drainage gravel behind the wall is also a great option particularly for large walls 1m and above.
  • Assemble gabions and link end to end. One end panel can be made redundant if desired without affecting the integrity of the structure.
  • Place bracing wires internally and close the hook end using pliers. Braces keep the panels tight and straight otherwise the basket panels will bulge outward when filling with stone. See diagrams for further detail.
  • Hand packing stone into thetightly will ensure the gabion is solid, safe and aesthetically impressive.
  • Fill the gabions gradually and progress to include the next basket rather than completing each one individually.
  • Retaining walls over 1m in height will require local council approval and potentially engineering certificate.

Additional information

Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 121 × 32 × 5 cm


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