Custom Gabion Letterbox With Black Coated Mesh

Custom Design Gabion Letterboxes, Features and Retaining Walls For Commercial and Residential Applications.

Our Super Slick Black Coated PVC Weld Mesh Gabion Letterbox Designs Are Outstanding Features For Any Home.


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Custom Gabion Letterbox

Built to order, we are offering exclusive custom gabion letterbox designs for clients seeking something a little more personalised.

Made from high quality black PVC coated weld mesh, the super smooth and ultra professional finish takes the custom gabion letterbox concept to a whole new level.

Custom Gabion Letterbox Specifications

With the smaller 50x50mm mesh opening (aperture) we can offer a multitude of letterbox compartments with lockable rear door, stainless steel face panel, junk mail compartment or something more simple.

The black coated mesh is heavily galvanised in 4mm diameter then coated with black PVC increasing the overall thickness to 5mm whilst offering double corrosion protection.

In addition, our dedicated fabrication team can build gabion letterbox models with an internal cage system allowing for decorative stone to be placed around the edge of the gabion rather than filling the entire cage.

This is particularly handy where expensive stone is being utilised.

Each gabion letterbox is delivered fully assembled and ready for installation.

Each black panel is clipped together with high quality 316 stainless steel clips show casing a modern industrial appeal.



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