Coreflute Protector Board 25 Pack


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Coreflute Protector Board Sheets

Coreflute protector board & sheets are used extensively in building, construction, landscaping and waterproofing applications.

The black coreflute boards are available in 1830 x 1220 x 3mm size for the ultimate surface protection.

Our Coreflute protector board is sold in pack lot of 25 pcs.

Commonly corflute protector board is used to create a barrier between waterproof membranes and draincell, raised paver supports or other construction products being installed above the membrane.

This scenario has become apparent with the increased uptake of roof top gardens and social areas of high rise buildings.

The additional layer of coreflute material resists damage caused by abrasion, punctures and shock thus ensuring the integrity of the waterproof membrane.

Corflute protector board is also installed behind concrete retaining walls and basement walls to resist water penetration and surface damage from back fill materials.

The twin wall construction enhances impact protection, however can be bent and shaped where required.

Corflute Protection board is easy to cut, fast & easy to lay and economical laying over large floor areas.

This also makes the material handy when protecting new tiles, decking and other floor surfaces while construction continues on or around the job site.

Corflute Protector Board Overview

  • Protects membrane from impacts
  • Suited for vertical and horizontal applications
  • Simple adhesive or tape fixing
  • Light weight and easy to transport and handle
  • Rot proof
  • Cost effective
  • 25 pack

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