Coir Logs – Sediment & Erosion Control


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Coir Logs – Sediment & Erosion Control

Coir Logs For Sediment, Scour & Erosion Control

Coir Logs are commonly used in applications such as natural stabilisation of riverbanks, scour protection of shorelines, wave dissipation, silt traps, stream diversion, spill containment plus wetland protection & revegetation projects.

Coir logs are manufactured from 100% coir fibre (coconut fibre) and wrapped by coir netting to provide a strong, flexible and durable biodegradable solution to improve the local environment.

The logs are fast and efficient to install with no speciality earthworks or skilled personnel required, timber stakes are either driven adjacent to or directly through the logs to stabilise them into the desired position.

Coir Log Size

3m x 200mm


  • River banks and creek protection
  • Environmentally sensitive environments
  • Coastal wave erosion
  • Wetland erosion
  • Swale drains
  • Steep batters and sand dunes
  • Straw bale alternative
  • Rip rap alternative
  • Building sites


  • Flexible allowing it to adapt to any ground surface
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Quick and simple to install
  • encouraging natural revegetation

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