How To Build A Gabion Wall

How To Build a Gabion Wall in 5 Easy Steps

Have you ever wondered how to build a gabion wall. They look great and last a life time.

Gabions are a great way to construct retaining walls, garden beds, rock wall features, seating and numerous other landscape features.

This tutorial offers 5 steps on how to build a gabion wall, especially handy tips for starting your first gabion project.

What Are Gabions ?

Gabions are wire mesh containers that are filled with rock to crate a gravity walls.

The weight of the internal fill provides strength required to with stand pressures from earth retention.

Gabions are proven to be reliable and cost effective for projects large and small.

There are 2 types of gabions being woven wire baskets or weld mesh cages.

Civil projects generally utilise woven baskets for cost advantages while weld mesh cages offer high aesthetics and stronger panels therefore typically found in architectural projects.

Key advantages of using gabions are:

  1. Long life cycle (galvanised gabions are not recommended, nor imported from Asia as these will not last very long or conform to Australian standards).
  2. No maintenance required
  3. Free drainage allows water to pass through he structure rather than building up behind it.
  4. Architectural appeal, dry stack stone wall
  5. Modular design, easy to construct
  6. Limited footings required
  7. Graffiti and Vandal proof

Step 1) How to build A Gabion Wall, Preparing Base Level

  • The use of compact road base is more than suitable for building gabion walls whether the structure is retaining, gabion fences and other gabion features however locations with high water flow may require additional preparation.

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Step 2) How To Build A Gabion Wall, Assembly & Installation

  • Assemble the gabion cages ensuring the bracing wire is installed correctly and follow a string line for perfect direction. This will ensure when your building gabion walls they remain perfectly straight and look fantastic when your project is complete. Link each gabion together to create one individual structure.

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 Step 3) How To Build A Gabion Wall, Using Geo-Fabric

  • To ensure the gabions continue to look great well into the future, we recommend installing a quality non woven geo fabric material under and behind when building gabion walls.
  • Geo fabric will allows water to flow through the gabion structure (no pressure build up behind the wall) however soil particles will be contained.

Gabion Cage Installation (1)

Step 4) How To Build A Gabion Wall,  What Gabion Rock Should I Use?

  • Choose stone such as granite, basalt, blue stone etc in 100-200mm. These types of stones will not degrade over time, they look great, have angular shapes for stacking tight into the gabion, are readily available through landscape yards and are low cost compared to decorative stone. Perfect for building gabion walls.

Follow This Link For Further Detail On How To Install Gabion Rock :


Gabion Cage Installation (2)

Step 5) How To Build A Gabion Wall, Take Your Time, Don’t Rush

  • Gabions are easy to assemble and set-up, its a good idea to take your time while filling the gabions with stone. Check the facing panels regularly to ensure they are straight and even. Pack the stone tightly so there is no gaps. The bracing wire will ensure the facing panels don’t bulge.
  • Pack the cages in a sweeping sequence spreading stone from one cage to the next. This process keeps the gabions even and the end panels in-line – important when the lids go on.

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