How To Select And Install Gabion Rock

What’s The Best Gabion Rock For Gabion Cages

We are regularly asked about what type of gabion rock to use for gabion walls. Well here’s some tips to help achieve success.

Gabion Rock Selection

The main things to consider when selecting gabion rock for your project are:

Question 1.

The purpose of the gabion, is it structural or decorative?

If the gabion is structural (such as a wall) then it’s important to use a dense, hard rock that will not break down or deteriorate over time.

As an example sandstone would break down rapidly in a larger gabion retaining walls through weight and pressures through weathering creating voids and gaps inside the gabion.

Inevitably this weakens the integrity of the structure.

Therefore an excellent choice would be blue stone, basalt or granite rock that’s not porous and will-not fracture or deteriorate easily.

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If your filling up a decorative feature such as a letterbox, planter, seat or small garden cube then use whatever material you like – it doesn’t even have to be rock!

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Question 2.

How much rock is required to complete your gabion project?

Measure out the volume of your gabion cages (VOLUME = LENGTH x HEIGHT x DEPTH) to ascertain how much material is required example : 1m x 1m x .5m = .5 or 1/2 a cubic metre.

Same as the first answer, if its structural and you need numerous cubic metres of gabion rock then use granite or basalt, it’s cheap, fit for purpose, readily available and has the flat faces and angles for stacking the gabions neatly. This is what’s commonly used in civil projects – for good reason.

Question 3.

Where Do I  Source Gabion Rock?

The ideal gabion rock size range is 100-150mm. Local landscape suppliers will be able to assist you with supply. If you need large qty’s then let us know, we may be able to organise delivery direct from a quarry.

We have contacts in every state

Question 4.

How To Fill Gabion Cages?

Prepare your base, assemble your gabions and position them where you want them. Use a string line for guidance.

Install the bracing wire inside the gabion cage, these will help hold the facing panels straight and neat and negate the wire mesh bulging outwards.

Progressively fill the gabion cages, preferably by hand, this will give you the best possible outcome : tightly packed with limited voids (safety) and maximum aesthetic value (visual appeal). Face up the stone with the flat edges like a jigsaw and create a dry stack wall.

Gabions are a gravity wall system, keep the rock stacked neatly so the pressure is downward. The braces will contain mesh from bulging however try keep the weight from leaning/resting outward. It might take a little longer however the end result is well worth it.

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An Example of What to Avoid With Your Gabion Cage

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