Galvanised Gabions Become Dangerous

Galvanised Gabions

There are so many variations of gabion cages on the market, some are good and some – well they’re just not suitable for the application, particularly galvanised gabions, even worse imported mesh sheets played of as gabion mesh.

Unfortunately we are regularly hearing of gabions falling apart, coating flaking off, weld breaking and severe corrosion. The common denominator among these situations is the material being used is standard Galvanised Mesh, generally imported from China.

Lets help clarify a couple of important factors that are paramount to a successful gabion project.

  • There is an Australian Standard for Gabion Cages – That’s Right – a national standard. The bench mark is set for safety of people and property in addition to material lifecycle and gabion project duration.
  • Gabion mesh is different to regular mesh, it’s much stronger in order to with stand high loads, pressures, flexing among other attributes.
  • Gabion mesh should be heavily coated in Galfan, this industrial coating protects the steel from corrosion. Galfan will out last galvanised mesh by 60-70 years.
  • Standard Galvanised mesh sheets and handy panels are not suitable for gabions either.

Tests show that galvanised mesh is lucky to have a life span of 5-10 years so when you consider the weight of rock been contained inside a gabion the last thing you want is a failure. Understanding that budget is important, the cost of replacement is far greater than doing the job right the first time around.

There are many web-stores posing as gabion specialist, in reality they’re creating a potential hazard by selling sub quality gabions to the consumer market, ask for detailed spec / data sheets for conformation of the Australian Standards.

What About Wire Diameter of Gabion Mesh

  • 3mm is generally to flimsy, definitely no good for structural jobs.
  • 5mm is over kill, expensive to buy and expensive to freight. The heavy gauge wire is an over compensation for the lack of coating and material integrity.
  • 4mm is ideal , sufficient strength and well priced. That’s why the Urban Kubez range satisfy’s the needs for D.I.Y through to large scale construction. Our 4mm weld mesh will outlast generic 5mm galvanised mesh by decades.

Gabion Choice, Make The Right Decision

In short galvanised gabions are easily identified by name, specification, provider and should be given a wide birth for use in gabion walls. Ask for the origin of the material and demand data sheets from the factory.

Initial cost savings may appear attractive however the imminent short life cycle, potential safety concerns, injury, property damage, let alone cost of replacement is far greater.

Urban Kubez Gabion Cages

We can guarantee Urban Kubez gabions are fit for purpose, we have been specialising in gabion cage concepts for over 5 years. Our materials are of the highest quality and made locally in Australia, we also have specification and data sheets.

To date there has never been a product fail or returned. All our gabions are 4mm wire using purpose manufactured gabion mesh with heavy Galfan Coating for exceptional strength and durability.

If you have any questions regarding the differences of mesh, gabions, steel standards and project design make contact, we would love to hear from you.


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Example: Urban Kubez Gabion Kit – Galfan Coated, 4mm Wire



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