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Gabion Designs and Ideas | Gabion Cages

Gabion Designs and Ideas 

You’ve seen them along the highways and most likely never took much notice as gabion cages were mostly suited for civil projects such as large retaining systems, gravity walls, flood and waterway control and erosion control, read on for the latest gabion designs and ideas.

In recent times gabions have made their way onto the forefront in landscape designs, urban parks and green zones, feature walls and associated garden products.

Urban Kubez architectural gabions are high quality welded mesh design for improved strength and aesthetic form over the tradition woven wire gabion cages.

The endless size and material configuration of Urban Kubez architectural gabions offers consumers the broadest range of gabion kits available in the Australian market with ease of installation, functionality, visual appeal and long lasting durability.

Our weld mesh gabions maintain key benefits including drainage, erosion control and soil stabilisation.

Urban Kubez gabion cage designs and concepts can be individual features or mega structures along the side of a highway, sky’s the limit with their modular installation system.

Urban Kubez Architectural Gabion snapshot:

  •  high quality welded mesh material for maximum strength (3, 4 and 5mm)
  • supplied in full kit form with accessories to build on-the-job
  • manageable by 1 person as DIY gabion project
  • gabion designs for small to large areas, perfect for any project
  • link together as modular system forming one strong structure
  • wire mesh is heavily coated galfan, exceeding international quality standards (suitable for civil  projects)
  • the use of 316 stainless steel in the Urban Kubez Pro Range
  • zero maintenance
  • upto 100 year life span
  • choice of mesh apertures for job specific applications
  • Low cost retaining wall system

We are also able to custom make gabion cages into seats, table bases, planter boxes, bars, towers, fences, wall cladding among many other items including indoor features.

If you have any questions regarding the Urban Kubez gabion range please feel free to contact us to discuss your ideas.

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