“What’s included in the Gabion Kits?”

Each gabion kit contains

  • 6 x Weld mesh panels
  • 12 x Spiral (Helical) Wires for connecting panels together
  • Sufficient Internal bracing wire to reduce bulging of panels and increase aesthetic value

“What locations do we deliver?”

  • We can deliver product Australia wide through utilising reputable and cost effective freight carriers. From satchels to pallets, orders will be fulfilled and dispatched promptly.

“How long before I receive my order?

Orders are normally dispatched with-in 24 hours, depending on the delivery location freight services are 1-7 days. Stock items are generally flat packed for safe and efficient shipping.

“Are the products suitable for commercial applications?”

  • All of the products sold by Defined Style Modern Outdoor products are suitable for residential and commercial applications.
  • We aim to provide sustainable and innovative products that represent excellent value combined with long life cycle.

“Can I pick up stock from your warehouse?”

  • Yes – stock can be picked up directly from our warehouse.

“What payment methods are accepted?”

  • Our web shop is safe and secure for on-line shopping with the latest SSL Encryption.
  • Payment methods accepted include : All Major Credit Cards – ie Visa, Mastercard
  • PayPal
  • Direct Deposit – business bank account

“Can I place an order over the phone?”

  • If you choose not to utlise the web-store for purchasing products, please feel free to phone or email through your order directly to one of our friendly staff members.
  • Phone – 07 3171 3835
  • Email – [email protected]

“What about installation services?”

  • We have preferred engineers and contractors who can assist with installations large and small, please let us know what products, quantities and location of your project, we will endeavour to assist however possible.

“How much stone will I need for the gabion cages?”

  • Depending on the size of the gabion cage(s) and quantity ordered will determine the volume of material required to fill them.
  • Volume is calculated on cubic metres (Length x Width x Height)
  • Example 1 – Gabion Cage Size  1000 x 500 x 500
  • Calculation –  1 x .5 x .5 = 0.25
  • Material Volume Required = 0.25 cubic metre (approx.)
  • Note – for low set or decorative gabion features (non structural) you can back fill the cage with old bricks | pavers | concrete etc to reduce internal volume. Decorative stone can be installed around the outer face of the gabion.

“Is the Elmich green wall (Versiwall) easy to install

  • The Elmich Versiwall is the most economical greenwall system available on the market. The easy to install wall brackets provide simple mounting to any wall type with suitable fasteners. Suitable for private residence as DIY or with larger commercial installations we can offer the services of suitable contractors to assist with installation.

“How high can I build a gabion retaining wall prior to council approval?”

  • The general height rule for building a gabion retaining wall system (or any wall) is 1m prior to seeking approval from council etc.
  • Please check with your local council as regulations may differ in your area.

“What tools will I require for assembling my Urban Kubez Gabion Cages?”

  • The Urban Kubez range of gabion cages are the easiest gabions on the market to assemble. The only tools required is pliers for closing off the loop on the bracing wire and gloves to keep your hands safe while packing the stone into the gabion cage.

“Do I need to prepare footings for my Gabion Cages?”

  • We recommend a solid and level foundation to lay the gabion cages onto. Using compact road base is the most efficient and cost effective method to achieve a solid base to work from.
  • Preparation work is important in achieving a gabion wall with aesthetic value.
  • If the gabion retaining wall is significant in height an engineer may require the gabions to be keyed (slightly buried) into the earth for additional stability against lateral pressures or concrete footing to support the weight of the wall.

“Whats the best way to fill the cages with stone?”

  • Ultimately a gabion cage whether its an individual unit or a large retaining wall will perform best through hand packing the stone tight and neatly. This ensure the gabion is safe, functions correctly and offers aesthetic value.

“What type of stone do I use?”

  • If the gabion wall is structural you will need to source aggregate such as basalt, blue stone, granite and other similar material that will not break down over time. These types of stone offer other benefits such as irregular sizes, angular shape with flat surfaces. Perfect for gabions and readily available in most areas.
  • If the gabion is decorative you can use just about anything inside the cage from recycled concrete and bricks, sandstone, decorative stones, glass bottles etc etc.

Stone size needs to be larger than the mesh aperture, we recommend size range from 80 through 250mm.

“Can a gabion wall be curved?”

Yes, please call us to discuss the best method for achieving a curved gabion wall.

“Do I need to install geofabric behind a gabion wall?”

  • It’s important to utilise a geo-fabric behind gabion retaining walls to allow water to run freely however contain soil sediment from washing into the gabion cage system.

“What is Galfan?”

  • Galfan is a special coating on the steel wire which increases life span of the material considerably. The coating is typically used in specialised applications where long term life cycle is paramount.
  • The Urban Kubez galfan gabions have a life span up to 100 years depending on the environment ie coastal v’s rural.
  • In comparison galvanised models will only last 10-15 years.