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How To Build A Gabion Wall

How To Build a Gabion Wall in 5 Easy Steps Have you ever wondered how to build a gabion wall. They look great and last a life time. Gabions are a great way to construct retaining walls, garden beds, rock wall features, seating and numerous other landscape features. This tutorial offers 5 steps on how [...]

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Galvanised Gabions Become Dangerous

Galvanised Gabions There are so many variations of gabion cages on the market, some are good and some - well they're just not suitable for the application, particularly galvanised gabions, even worse imported mesh sheets played of as gabion mesh. Unfortunately we are regularly hearing of gabions falling apart, coating flaking off, weld breaking and severe corrosion. [...]

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Cost Out Your Gabion Cage Retaining Wall Project

5 Panel Option For Gabion Cage Retaining Wall Introducing a simple method to reduce costs of gabion cage retaining wall projects. There is several benefits using gabions for retaining walls such as their long life cycle, free standing ability and modular design. Each gabion can be laced onto the next one (end to end) through out the length [...]

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Gabion Wall Installation Queensland Garden Expo 2015

Gabion Wall Installation | Queensland Garden Expo What a huge success the 2015 Garden Expo was. The crowds rolled in over 3 days to check out the latest in garden and landscape products and services. The team from Defined Style Modern Outdoor products was invited to participate by iLandscape and the proposed display area covered a whopping 230m/2 bitumen [...]

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Gabion Designs and Ideas | Gabion Cages

Gabion Designs and Ideas  You've seen them along the highways and most likely never took much notice as gabion cages were mostly suited for civil projects such as large retaining systems, gravity walls, flood and waterway control and erosion control, read on for the latest gabion designs and ideas. In recent times gabions have made their [...]

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The Advantages of Galfan Gabion Cages

Why choose galfan gabion cages and what are the advantages? Galfan is hot-dip galvanized steel with a two-sided coating composed of zinc-aluminum alloy. It generally consists of 95% zinc and 5% aluminum in a solid solution with improved corrosion resistance and formability compared to zinc (galvanise) alone. Further more the Urban Kubez™ gabion range is formulated [...]

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Urban Kubez Galfan Gabion Cages

Urban Kubez™ Galfan Gabion Cages - Now in Stock Exciting news with the announcement of high spec architectural galfan gabion cages coming into the Urban Kubez product range suitable for commercial and residential projects. Urban Kubez™ architectural galfan gabion cages are now largely supplied using 4mm galfan coated weld mesh panels exceeding international standards for strength, durability, corrosion [...]

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