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5 Easy Steps To Follow For Installing Gabion Cages

5 Easy Steps To Follow For Installing Gabion Cages

5 Easy Steps For Installing Gabion Cages

1) Prepare a Solid and Level Ground Base:

  • The use of compact road base is suitable for installing gabion cages such as retaining walls, gabion fences and other gabion features however locations with high water flow may require additional preparation.

2) Use a String Line

  • Assemble the gabion cages ensuring the bracing wire is installed correctly and follow a string line for perfect direction.

 3) Geo-Fabric

  • To ensure the gabions continue to look great well into the future, we recommend installing a quality non woven geo fabric material under and behind the gabion cage wall.
  • Geo fabric will allows water to flow through the gabion structure (no pressure build up behind the wall) however soil particles will be contained.

Gabion Cage Installation (1)

4) Gabion Stone

  • Choose stone such as granite, basalt, blue stone etc in 100-200mm. These types of stones will not degrade over time, they look great, have angular shapes for stacking tight into the gabion, are readily available through landscape yards and are low cost compared to decorative stone. Perfect for gabion cages.

Gabion Cage Installation (2)

5) Take your time When Installing Gabion Cages

  • Gabions are easy to assemble and set-up, its a good idea to take your time while filling the gabions with stone. Check the facing panels regularly to ensure they are straight and even. Pack the stone tightly so there is no gaps. The bracing wire will ensure the facing panels don’t bulge.
  • Pack the cages in a sweeping sequence spreading stone from one cage to the next. This process keeps the gabions even and the end panels in-line – important when the lids go on.

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