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Cost Out Your Gabion Cage Retaining Wall Project

Cost Out Your Gabion Cage Retaining Wall Project

5 Panel Option For Gabion Cage Retaining Wall Project

Introducing a convenient new option for customers to reduce the overall cost of gabion cage retaining wall projects.

As you may know one of the key advantages of gabion cage retaining walls is their modular design. Each gabion can be laced onto the next one (end to end) through out the length of the gabion retaining wall project.

By lacing gabions together you create an individual and robust structure which is perfect for containment of soil, water flow control, retaining walls, feature walls, free standing fences, green walls, cladding and more.

What you may not realise is one end panel can be made redundant from all gabions except the 1st one

Gabion Example

Over a 20 metre length you would ideally purchase 1 x 6 panel gabion kits and 19 x 5 panel kits.

The redundancy method will not effect the integrity of the gabion cage retaining wall in any way, rather you reduce cost of materials significantly making 19 end panels and 148 spiral wires redundant.

This method will save a fair amount of money off your gabion cage retaining wall project, however if you choose to stick with the full kit, why not make a gabion feature out of the spare components.

Don’t forget the geofabric – attach it the back of the gabions to stop soil washing into the gabion, however the fabric will allow water to flow for drainage.

Be sure to give us a call or email through your proposed gabion plan, we’ll help you achieve the desired result at the most economical way.

About Defined Style Modern Outdoor Products

Defined Style Modern Outdoor Products is a leading provider of high quality gabions, vertical gardens and letterboxes suitable for commercial and residential developments in addition to custom made and bespoke applications.

Virtually any configuration can be achieved with our local stock holdings of 4mm Australian made gabion weld mesh along with 2 aperture options.

Our gabion products (Urban Kubez) are manufactured using the highest quality materials available that exceed Australian gabion standards.  Our mesh has been tried and tested in some of the harshest conditions and large commercial projects with material test data sheets available upon request confirming origin of steel, tensile strength and galfan coating density.

The Urban Kubez gabion range can therefore be approved by engineers for large civil, commercial and residential projects.

Our distribution centre can conveniently flat pack gabions and ship them through-out Australia direct to site, door to door or warehouse pickup.


Visit the Gabion configurator here

For more information on Urban Kubez Architectural Gabions – click here


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